Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Name Game


Here's a bit of off the cuff music fun.
As you might know, most students in my classes start their lesson with me by playing the versatile and cheap drum alternative that is the one dollar plastic bucket.

There's also the compliance business of me having to take the roll/ register for that period.
At the same time, most of the kids are looking at and discussing my far too-popular Cool Wall.

So today I found a way to combine all three.

I made copies of the cards on the cool wall for artists with a clear and simple rhythmic name.
A name that can be fitted into a straight 4/4 count.
So Ariana Grande works well while Selena Gomez doesn't as the first beat falls on the second syllable.

I demonstrate the rhythm of each artist's name and the class plays it back. I then use the cool wall cards as cues for the whole class to play.

After much shuffling of cards I stop and ask the class to consider their own names and how to play them. They may choose their first name or first name and surname.

I then call the roll and each student answers on his/her bucket with a rhythm based on his/her name.

Up on my whiteboard I have 8 x 4 beat rhythms arranged using magnetic notation cards that I have made. Each one matches to the name of an artist. 
Once we have spent some time, matching artists to their notated rhythm the fun really begins.

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