Friday, 16 January 2015

I Stay out too late..

OK, this blog is pretty much an extended brag.
A Blag or a Brog if you will.

Its also somewhat belated, making it a Belatrag, or Belatrog, or something.

Anyway, some cool video has come to light, via the Russell St School Website, I believe and it features me.

So here's the back story.
Late last year my school hosted and entered a band in the local Battle of the Bands competition which is a fantastic showcase for kids' musical talent, put together by the wonderful Renee Strawbridge.

A few days before the event Renee had a bit of a brainwave. She knew that all the teachers in charge of their respective bands were musicians themselves, and between us, we had a complete band. Cue several group emails about song choices followed by a 15 minute rehearsal just before people started arriving for the event.

What I love about this is that it's teachers walking the talk. All five of us had spent countless hours preparing our own school bands for events like this and here we are, at the end of the process, as the judges deliberate, celebrating the idea of being in a band by doing it ourselves.

Good teachers do this sort of thing all the time. If you want to inspire a class to write creatively, nothing beats sharing a bit of your own personal writing.
Kids will respect you for it. Actually, they will more than respect you, they might even love you.
It's true on the sports field too. A teacher/coach will inspire confidence when he/she stops just talking and actually starts playing too.

So to me, that night with the Teachers' Band was about sharing a moment with the kids who we had worked so hard with. It was about saying to them and the audience:
"We love playing live music and we're so glad that we have jobs where we can pass that onto a new generation."

A few days later, the local paper sent a reporter and photographer to interview me and my band who happened to win that night.

They were pretty stoked about that...
You can read the whole article here

The reporter had a look around my room and and bit of a chat with me and the kids before pointing out to me that my job is pretty much a real life version of Jack Black's School of Rock.
And sometimes it feels like that.
Except, I'm an actual registered teacher, unlike Jack Black's character.
Just saying.

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