Friday, 11 July 2014


Let me say from the outset that this is not a political blog and nor will it ever be.
There are plenty of places on the internet where you can read about someone's opinion on who should or shouldn't be running their country, undercut by a whole load of comments either for or against.

This is not one of those blogs.


 When a political party's education policy seeks to reduce education to the teaching of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and is creating a culture where schools will have to plough their limited resources into this narrow view of education or die, I have to speak up.

This blog has been live just over 24 hours and I've already received feedback from both the USA and The UK that suggest that a music programme like the one I'm currently running could not happen there.

If that's true then that is a tragedy.

And it leaves me feeling like an endangered species. Our current government have made it clear that education in this country should be driven by a set of arbitrary National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Readers in the USA and the UK will know where that leads to.

Specialist positions will disappear. Schools will be forced through public league tables to redeploy staff into raising the schools' score in the 3 Rs

This is despite the fact that the teaching of music at this age unleashes creativity. They don't even have to be "musical" to do that. Here's an example

The student that made that in my class used the website to create this.  He (yes, he) took a subject that he felt passionate about and paid enough attention to detail and layout that it's hard to believe it was created by an 11 year old.

How does this kid stack up against the National Standards for reading, writing and mathematics?
I don't know.
If there was a National Standard for creativity and innovation, this kid would nail it.

Our current government would be found to be be well below the required standard.
That is all.
Back to the music.

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